A Review of Nathanael Larochette’s album “Earth and Sky”


Nathanael Larochette’s new masterpiece “Earth and Sky” will be released soon and I had the pleasure to hear the album early, and I am utterly blown away by the sheer beauty that encompasses the soundscapes. There is an honestly found in the music, and the music evokes incredible images when you carefully listen. There is a poetry found in the tones and chords of the guitar and ambiance. The artwork is stark, open and beautiful and fits the music incredibly well. I have heard his work in Musk Ox and I feel this is a natural progression to his art. The album will be released on July 29, 2016. Below are my own feelings and images I get when I hear each piece of music on “Earth and Sky”…


Awaken to the soft sounds of ocean at your door, listen to its music as it permeates the walls of your home. The softness is enduring, it brings calm to the stresses of life. Let it lift you from your slumber so you can experience the day in its splendor. Let the quiet moments in your mind flow with the music. Let it awaken you to the light of the day and the music of the sea.

Monuments of hill and cliff hang over the pastoral landscape. The blue of the sky meets the green of earth. The sun shines and glows over the shimmering waters. The sun blinds your eyes as it shines over the crystalline peaks. Pensively you look out to the vastness of the sea and the land. They seem to go on and on…infinite. You know in your mind’s eye that the time is coming to an end. You know the longing will become apparent, the longing for quiet and serenity. You dream away the monuments born from the embrace of the ocean, and the whipping winds of eternity.

Farewell to the voice of Nature, it dissipates into the finest grain. The feeling in your mind as you leave is one of utter sadness. For many years you lived among the natural surroundings, it beckoned you into feelings of creativity and emotion. The music spun in your head as birdsong, and as the echo of the waves. You remember the memories of that peace you found, you know you will leave that peace behind to return to the realms of chaos. You want to keep that peace of mind, forever, in your thoughts and dreams. Farewell to the ocean as the tides disperse away.


Photo by Jamie Kronick

Oceanic the emotions are as you depart the wild lands of old. There is a sense of sadness in the voice of the waves, and the gulls that fly high and alone. A land of unspoiled beauty an imprint of the DNA of Mother Nature. The calming motions of the sea as they hit rock, bring a cadence of serenity in the wind. The memories are vivid and real as you drive away with the ocean at your back. You can smell and see the mist as it hits your windshield. You remember sharing the vision of the ocean with the loved ones who departed to the next plane. Oceanic the memories were, a sadness in the firmament that doused your soul in grief. You remember plainly the images and yearn to experience that memory again.

Invocation of dreaded feelings engulf your senses as you drive away from that place of introspective silence. All the bad memories come flooding in, as you drive back to the places and people that wronged you. Your inner mind begs you to stay, yet you know the din of city life and the people await. Understand that those images and feelings you had by the sea will always remain. Close your eyes and envision it, and the stress will dissipate. Invoke the stillness in yourself let it takeover,block out the noise and anger. Let the sound of Nature keep you afloat.

Slumber the night away, dream of the places that bring you peace. Understand the night sky is always there looking down on you, let yourself transport to the closest star in sky, so you can see the ocean below. You will always be there, an imprint of thought, emotion and memory. Slumber with the sound of the ocean in your mind, take in the imagery, sounds and tastes. Brings yourself back on the ride of dreams.

Sky… infinite and vast, blue and serene. It envelops everything like a caretaker of a wonderful garden, that is the Earth. Every thought, emotion, memory and image is secured in the embrace of the wind and clouds. It stays there with everyone else, a library of shared memories and visions. It is unyielding and never-ending, and is outside the realm of humanity. The sky doesn’t judge, it likes everyone the same. It is the breath of Mother Nature as well as the tears. It is the voice of gods and the touch of peace. Sky will always be there, the sky is forever.

Rating: 10/10

Website: http://www.nathanaellarochette.bandcamp.com


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