Why I Love Power Metal…And you Should Too


The battle cry of the dwarves in the bowels of the under mountain, the cry of the griffin on clouds on high, and the uneasy chill of the evil lich in the shadows. These are all images that are conveyed within the realm of power metal. This genre of music has been around forever and has always been one of my guilty pleasures. When I am feeling down or just want to feel happy and alive I listen to power metal. I rather be listening to this genre compared to horribly happy pop music without any creativity or effort put into the music. Power metal is one of those forces of nature in the metal world that pretty much anyone can enjoy even if they are not really into metal. The soaring vocals, the catchy choruses and the wondrous riffs, solos and keyboard flourishes are what make power metal so addicting.

The other element of power metal that makes it awesome is the thematic elements found in the lyrics and even music. With homages to Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Dragonlance and a slew of other fantasy genres there is always something for a listener to enjoy and even learn from. I have found so many obscure fantasy novels and such after listening to power metal and reading interviews with musicians in this genre. There is just a love and appreciation all around for fantasy, horror and science fiction that it feels like I am among my peers when I am immersed in the likes of Blind Guardian or Iced Earth.


Another thing that you should experience is seeing these power metal bands live. The energy of the stage and the audience is just an incredible experience to embrace. I have seen Blind Guardian multiple times and every time I see them I am just wowed about how good they really are. I consider them to be my all time favorite band in this genre. Every album they have done has something to love and appreciate, and they are one of the most consistent bands I know and I am always excited to hear what they come up with when they write new material.

The future of power metal is also something to be excited about there are some new, younger acts creating amazing stuff. The list consists of Gloryhammer, Twilight Force, Dragonland, and Pathfinder to name a few. These bands are developing fresh ideas but still keep to the roots of the likes of Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot etc. Like the other genres of metal out there, there are bands who are remaining innovative and fresh but keeping to what makes that style of metal so good to begin with. I suggest you take the chance to really listen to power metal, and embrace the cheesiness of it, let the music make you feel happy and alive. You do not necessarily have to be all about your black, death and doom metal. Sometimes diverging from your normal bubble can lead to some wonderful growth as a metal fan. Be the dungeon master of your story take the forest trail less traveled and be blown away by the majestic beauty to be found at the end of road.


“On wings and winds we ride
Towards a land so green
Take me across the horizons
To the forest of destiny
When we reach that place
So far beyond the sun
Where hopes and dreams come true
In the forest of destiny”

~Twilight Force~