A Review of Twilight Force’s “Heroes of Mighty Magic”


Salutations Warriors, Mages and Unsavory Sorts,

I the scribe of dreams has received a wonderful album tied to the realms of fantasy and legend. The fantastical music was created and then sent to the masses to bring hope and life back to the damned and forsaken. I have had the pleasure to review the wonderful album “Heroes of Mighty Magic” by the warrior bards Twilight Force. This album is not only a new road for power metal to venture on but a road that is encompassed by the magical roots of power metal in every conceivable fashion. Images of elves, dwarves, wizards and rogues ooze in every word, riff, flourish and tone. “Heroes of Mighty Magic” is an album needed in this time of utter despair and cynicism.

The vibrant and warm colors of the album art introduces you to a world devoid of darkness and hate. The image of a dragon breathing life back to the world is eerily metaphorical and gives a sense that there is still hope left in a world filled with negativity and disillusionment.Once you hear the first calls and choirs of battle in “Battle of Arcane Might” you can tell that Twilight Force is here to stamp out the vile evils of the world with machine gun riffs, soaring solos and emotionally positive vocals.

There is an inherent sense of vast landscapes dotted with castles, magical towers and forests as far as  the eye can see. The beautifully invigorating sounds of the keyboards is what really makes “Heroes of Mighty Magic” work on multiple levels. There is a sense of wonderment, magic and dreams with each note being pressed. I sometimes feel lost in a magical wood filled with sprites, dryads, and sylvan folk of note when the keyboards are being played. There is an epic sense of adventure and when guitars, bass and drums are infused with the keyboards then it makes the moment all the more memorable and uplifting.


The songs are consistent and have varying degrees of speed and aggression incorporated into the music. There are moments of pure calm and then moments of golden horns blazing and warriors charging into battle. “Heroes of Mighty Magic” is an album that needs to be listened to when you are feeling sad and despondent. After multiple listens it will put you into a state of mind filled with memories, nostalgia, and long hours into the night playing Dungeons and Dragons where your imagination can run free. There is a sense of confidence in the music of Twilight Force, when there are moments of cheese and eye-rolling you know that they make this music purely out of the joy of it and could care less about the opinions of others. This alone makes “Heroes of Mighty Magic” just an enjoyable listen.

The ability to get lost in a mesmerizing world of colors, magic and fantasy worlds is what this album offers. When you are feeling utterly depressed and hopeless spending an hour listening to this album in its entirety will put you into a better state of mind. When you thought your imagination was decimated because of the harshness of reality, Twilight Force delivers an album that brings back not only the magic of being a child again, but the ability to bring back your imagination from the realm of shadow. I can guarantee if you spent a long time not being able to feel those moments in life that this album brings that feeling back like a tidal wave. Let your mind wander free and immerse yourself in the godlike might and glory of the sapphire dragon as it flies back into your dreams.

Humble Regards,

The Dreaming Metal Muse

Rating 8/10